Dream cleaning division, is a leading South African business. We are trusted professional cleaning services at some of the best prices you can get in South Africa. We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions to business compromising of commercial, cooperate, education, retail, industrial and mining. Founded in 2015, with a real-world ‘’Dream’’ to keep African workplace, retail space and learning spaces clean and tidy. We believe that a clean environment enhance performance and a sound mind. We know that building strong and lasting relationships with clients requires strong customer focus and excellent customer service.

We deploy the best man and women for the job! Our teams on site are well-trained to provide quality work while demonstrating professional demour and respect for their duties during day and night shifts. After all, it is the quality of our employees performance that ensure customer satisfaction. We create a conducive environment for our employees to take care of our clients, thrive and excel in their duties to build consistency in the services we provide to your business.