Dream security division, is a private security service established in 2015 to fulfil, the “Dream of protecting your business” we realized the violent nature of crime in South Africa. We have gain extensive knowledge and understanding of client’s security requirements across variety of sectors. We believe that not all business has the budget to have numerous guards patrolling 24 hours. One of the efficient ways to solve this problem and still be in control is to have a CCTV camera’s on site and one guard to monitor and call back up when needed.

We provide well-trained armed and unarmed security officers with Psira qualifications and who are professionals and carries the needs of our clients at heart. We use our extensive knowledge of the security industry to establish the needs assessment based on the location, goods and property to be guarded to determine whether to deploy armed or unarmed security officers. Dream security is a division of Dreamcelsius Group, we developed professional security services for the mining industries due to high rate of theft in this industry. Our security personnel are the first point of contact between the management, staff, miners and the visitors. We provide an ongoing training to our security personnel to ensure that they are professional all the time while on duty.