Dreamcelsius Security Services, is a division of Dreamcelsius Group, a standard and licensed registered CCVTV security camera installation company that is located in the heart of Johannesburg South Africa. Welcome to the heart of Jozi, where our offices are based the city is known for notorious high crime figures around the world. We are quite aware that in order to achieve trustworthiness from our customers across provinces and regions, we need to be mindful of the quality of our offering of high-quality, visibility and reliable CCTV security camera installation and maintenance services with focus on innovation and capitalizing on advanced technology available out there! We are set to serve a variety of clients from different household across the land and we are responsible for safety of our clienteles 24/7.

Dreamcelsius Security Services, is a well-equipped CCTV security camera installation Service Company that offers basic surveillance services such as Installation of CCTV security camera devices, alarm systems, sale of CCTV security camera and Monitors, serving and maintenance of CCTV security cameras, monitoring services and other related advisory and consultancy services.